Real Estate Rental, Structuring, Acquisition, Planning & Construction
The Italian real estate market has grown rapidly and it is currently one of the most attractive to investors which have to face a very complicated set of rules based mainly on the Italian Civil Code and by special laws for specific subject matters. Our highly-specialized group of real estate lawyers provide a comprehensive service to clients understanding of the new structures, vehicles and sophisticated financing techniques that have been developed in the real state market nationally and internationally. In the context of real estate transactions, we assist clients to carry out Real Estate Rental, Structuring, Acquisition, Planning & Construction from corporate, regulatory (works require licenses and permits by local authorities), tax and financial perspectives. In doing so, we perform due diligence verifications to assess if there are encumbrances (i.e. restrictions on the seller’s freedom of sale), State’s pre-emptive rights, Town planning restrictions, assessments on environmental regulations, etc. We assist clients in the selection of most effective transaction vehicles and tools such us merger-based leverage buy-out transactions using assets of the target as implicit guarantee for the repayment of the debt. We further advise in the implementation of the real estate acquisition security package by assisting in the use of pledges on shares or quotas of the vehicles, mortgages for the acquired estate, pledges on the bank accounts of the company holding the estate, etc. The sophistication and diversity of our real estate practice is exemplified by our representative transactions and clients up to counselling foreign investors and lending institutions in making investments and loans in Italy.

Our Telecommunication group can assist firms and individuals engaged in the telecommunications industry by providing strategic corporate and regulatory advice on newly deregulated markets, as well as traditional transactional and litigation services. Specifically, we provides advice on licensing, commercial, corporate, regulatory, litigation and financing issues. Our clients are involved in every aspect of the technology and communications sector and are active in the mobile and fixed line telephony, cable and satellite TV, media, broadcasting (Free TV and Pay TV) software, hardware, outsourcing and telematics industries. Our lawyers provide advice for commercial transactions, licensing and distribution agreements, mergers and acquisitions, litigation and all regulatory and strategic matters affecting the relevant industries. Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge in all areas of broadcasting and media regulation. We counsel clients on issues ranging from general advice on the broadcasting and programming regulatory framework in the European Union and its member states to a number transactions related to the convergence of media and network technologies such as digital broadcasting. The telecommunications practice includes advising on licensing, lobbying and regulatory matters, and contractual advice and negotiations in relation to network building, outsourcing, equipment and software supply, service provision and many other subject matters.

Energy-Utilities & Environmental
Our lawyers regularly advise in the sectors of Energy-Utilities & Environmental. We provide assistance to producers and power plant contractors in Italy and abroad, including matters related to Italy’s privatization and liberalization processes in European electricity markets. Our energy practice provides assistance in production sharing and supply agreements, energy field developments, construction projects and compliance and authorization procedures. We represent clients in their relation to the Italian Energy Authority and with local and other authorities. We have unparalleled experience of advising project companies on financing and developing projects in both the energy & natural resources and infrastructure sectors. Our practice covers the full range of projects, including: oil & gas; LNG; clean energy; nuclear; power; mining; refining and petrochemicals. Environmental compliance and liability issues are now part of everyday life for most businesses – be they engaged in evidently hazardous activities or otherwise. Regulatory demands, however, continue to grow in response to increasingly international environmental concerns and throw up more and more compliance issues, as well as liability issues in business transactions. It could reasonably be said that Italian environmental law is composed of a general part and a sectional part. The general part deals with general legal principles. The sectional part deals with different environmental problems. To steer successfully through this regulatory jungle requires specialist expertise on global scale. As one of the first law firms in Italy to develop an environmental law practice, we are able to provide both transactional and stand alone advice in all the major areas of environmental and health and safety law at national, regional and international levels.

Food, Beverage & Tobacco
Our lawyers specializing in Food, Beverage & Tobacco have assisted food processing, food technology and food services companies with a wide range of matters, from patent and trademark work to transactions of various types. We address the specific needs of the food and beverage industry in compliance with EU Regulation 178/02 and amendments. Our team draws upon significant experience in the private and public sectors and provide counsel and representation across the entire spectrum of issues faced by the food and beverage industry. Our lawyers advise on important industry-related issues including administrative litigation, food safety, chemicals, additives and biologics, biotechnology, product labelling, agriculture cooperatives, alcoholic beverages, farm programs, international trade, legislative representation, product development and testing, regulatory issues and taxation concerns.

Banking & Insurance
Our Banking & Insurance practice assists numerous banks and industrial groups in all aspects of banking, finance, securities, mutual fund trading and regulation, and capital market transactions. Assistance to the banking and financial sector includes credit and loan transactions and related guarantees, financing for private equity and venture capital, and assistance in simple and structured financing transactions, including project finance and securitizations. Our lawyers represent clients in their dealings with the Italian Stock Exchange, market authority Consob, the Bank of Italy and other supervisory and regulatory authorities. Our Insurance department advises Italian and non-Italian life and non-life insurance clients with regard to Italian regulatory provisions, joint ventures, and mergers and acquisitions. We have considerable experience of insurance and reinsurance. We have a particular strength in disputes relating to policy interpretation and coverage issues. Our specialists have a wide experience in the most important insurance markets. We also have specialist experience in advising on structured finance transactions involving insurance and reinsurance products and in the transfer of risk from the insurance markets into the capital markets.

Machines & Mechanical
Our Machines & Mechanical practice enjoys our interdisciplinary team of technology attorneys with technical backgrounds, which was formed to help clients in the technology industries address the legal challenges and opportunities presented by intellectual property and technology. Focusing on the unique legal issues that technology industry executives and business owners face, we can offer services from securing initial capital funding to litigating patent infringement.