DDR TRUST: Internationalization, Specialization, Institutional Relationships.

These are the foundations upon which DDR TRUST, the new legal and tax counsels law firm, founded by attorneys Luciano Daffarra, Salvatore di Salvatore and Davide Rossi. Why this choice? In a global context characterized by an ever-changing market, in order to better understand the present and above all have a vision projected onto the future it is necessary to propose innovations and methodological approach. DDR TRUST was designed precisely with this in mind: to create an innovative space within a world, the one of law firms, still too much anchored in traditional models. The proposal is very attractive: legal advice that focuses on flexibility of skills, speed of execution, on the international relations of the first order also for the membership of the international network Accomply Global, on a communications strategy aimed at direct and continuous dialogue to the institutions and stakeholders.