Corporate & Commercial
Whether they are companies or private clients our clientele is equally professionally advised in relation to their corporate & personal properties including in relation to their non-for-profit entities. The Italian corporate legal framework in the area of Corporate & Commercial may be considered one of the most modern and dynamic in Europe including (i) simplify and speed up procedures for establishing a company, (ii) new financial instruments to create special categories of shares and (iii) particular and improved attention to the governance and compliance. Looking after the functioning of their business vehicle is only a part of the commitment of ACCOMPLY that also assists clients in the implementation of the most effective legal and tax strategies for production sourcing as well as for marketing and distributing products. This generally involves any form of advise for delocalization of production and trade outside the Italian country also for banking, financial, tax and intellectual property purposes.

Corporate Banking & Finance
Our Corporate Banking & Finance practice has extensive experience of acting for both borrowers and lenders in the Italian and international loan markets through our Italian and foreign offices. Our clients include domestic and international corporate borrowers. We advise on a wide range of banking facilities, including secured, unsecured, bilateral and syndicated facilities. We also have experience in trade and commodity financing, receivables financing and export credit transactions. We advise on structured finance and securitisation focusing on project finance and leverage finance. Our lawyers serve as counsel to issuers, underwriters, credit enhancement providers, sellers, asset managers, investors, and other market participants in connection with the securitization of a wide variety of assets, including mortgage loans and trade receivables

Compliance & Governance
We also regularly advise clients in securing Compliance & Governance matters also in connection with shareholders’ meetings and proxy contests. By proactively addressing corporate governance and compliance issues, corporations can avoid unnecessary liability both for the company, and its directors and officers. Taking as starting point the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in the US, Italian aspects of governance & compliance are rapidly evolving to adapt to new governance and compliance domestic standards whether they arise from brand new legislation or from the increasing demand of displaying high corporate reputation elements to the domestic and international market. Our corporate and compliance governance team is comprised of a cross-disciplinary group of lawyers who have substantial experience in compliance programs, corporate governance, communication, audit and other similar committees. Our approach is based on establishing for our clients
(i) clear and concise corporate policies including coaching at management level (ii) Ethical business conduct that enhances organizational performance (iii) Systematic compliance and training programs for employees, with a written code of conduct (iv) Dynamic compliance systems which are easily updated and monitored. As a result of a preliminary assessment through our dedicated software, we work with your team to deliver a cost-effective solution, including a dynamic manual with advice and templates covering corporate compliance: (i) Corporate Governance and Board Policies, (ii) Conflicts of Interest, (iii) Environmental, (iii) Secure Employment, (iv) Antitrust (v) Privacy Laws, etc.

EU & Competition
Our EU & Competition practice provides highly specialized representation to clients across a broad spectrum of competition issues in the Italian and European markets. Legal services include merger notification to Italian and EU antitrust authorities. Our lawyers also advise on competition issues related to abuse of dominant position, restrictive agreements, cartels, transactions leading to concentration, price and distribution practices, manufacturing controls and misleading advertising. We represent clients in all court and other proceedings, especially before the European Commission and the Italian Antitrust Authority.

Labor, Agency & Distribution
One of the most sensitive area in running a business relates to company contractors and self-contractors and therefore in the areas of Labour, Agency & Distribution. Italian labour law is regulated by the Constitution, the Civil Code, the Workers Bill of Rights (Statuto dei Lavoratori) and other Laws and Decrees. Our system has become closer to company needs increasing flexibility in the market to help reduce unemployment with special regimes for job placements for a duration only where necessary for the performance of a specific project. Collecting Bargaining Agreements (Accordi Economici Collettivi – AEC) apply to Agents whilst, unless they affect competition law, distribution agreements are generally regulated by private parties only.

Joint Ventures, Amalgamations, Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligences & Appraisals, Business Accounting & Control
We have significant experience and expertise in acting on complex, high-value, cross-border work as well as a range of smaller transactions in the field of JV, M&A & Amalgamations including activities of Due Diligence & Appraisals. We advise on the full range of deal structures. In doing so we bring together international experience and local knowledge. Our M&A capability is focused on several sectors with extensive experience in cross-border mergers and acquisitions and negotiating trans-national joint ventures. Our sector teams work closely across our network of offices to provide clients with an unrivalled, seamless service. Our activities in this field range from the preliminary activities to the completion of the transaction by negotiating and drafting, in the most used languages, stock purchase agreements, asset acquisitions and dispositions, shareholder agreements, joint venture agreements, technology transfers, patent, know-how, copyright and trademark licenses, software licenses, franchise agreements, distribution agreements, sales representative agreements and commercial sales contracts.

Tax Advisory Service
While producing, marketing and distributing, any Italian company must be accurately assisted and advised in its Business Accounting & Control which rules are essentially based on the civil code and strongly influenced by the tax system and includes publications of annual financial statements under specific circumstances in accordance. The Tax Advisory Service represents a very important function for the assistance to company whether the business is domestic or it involves cross border transactions in light of the continuous process of reforms and adjustments of the Italian, European and generally international Tax Systems. ACCOMPLY through its offices located worldwide and extended network of affiliated offices can assist in structuring the most effective corporate tax structures through the world including for income tax, value ¬added tax, permanent establishment, transfer pricing, thin capitalization purposes, etc.

Customs, Duty & Excise
One of the most complicated international area of law is without any doubts that that relates to Customs Duties & Excise. We advise our client to implement the most effective tools for importation and exportation purposes in the context of Common Customs Tariff applying to goods coming into the European Union from outside by assisting in the application for the obtainment of specific licenses where required and taking into account all import and export restrictions and evaluation of special agreements signed between the EU and EFTA countries for tariff ¬free trade in industrial goods as well as preferential agreements between the EU and ACP countries (LomJ Convention) and between the EU and certain Mediterranean countries including Valuation Code of the World Trade Organization.

Charity & Non-profit
The Charity & Non-For-Profit sector is rapidly evolving into an important economic sector in its own right. We advise on all aspects of charity and non-for-profit issues and we are specialized to advice and draft issues-based strategies and action plans to achieve the visions and values of the organizations while adhering to those values and planning detecting goals to work toward. The Firm is involved in major operations relative to charities and non for profit programs and assist key players in Italy and abroad. Our charitable organization practice is focused on the particular issues facing tax exempt organizations as well as individuals who interact with tax exempt organizations. We guide involved parties in issues related to formation, compliance, private benefit or inurement, conflicts of interest, sanctions, penalties, loss of tax exempt status, tax management, outsourcing, joint ventures, financing and general commercial advice. We also work closely with donors interested in the various ways of providing tax-deductible financial support for tax exempt organizations.

Equity & Private Investments
Our private Equity & Private Investments expertise spans advising private equity houses, investors, financial institutions and private equity enterprises at all stages – from establishing the fund through to the exiting of the investments. The success of private equity is grounded in its structure, fund terms and deal execution and our first class corporate, funds, tax, IPO and leverage finance capability. There are a number of areas that set ACCOMPLY apart from traditional firms advising on private equity transactions and these areas are fundamental to getting the best deal and maximum return for our clients. We are involved in most complex and innovative private equity transactions in key private equity jurisdictions. Our proven experience allows us to provide creative and pragmatic solutions that will benefit your business, utilising skills and knowledge that we have accumulated from years of advising our clients. Our team advises the leading mandated lead arrangers, mezzanine providers and sponsors on a wide range of the most complex and high profile transactions seen in the market including advice on buy-outs, buy-ins or realising investments via flotation or trade sales. We advise in the setting up of Private Equity Funds – structuring, fundraising, carried interest and other employee incentives, investing (including pension schemes and fund of funds), secondary and spin-offs/and establishment of new private equity houses.
The trust is at the core of commercial life, from simple custody arrangements to pension funds and capital markets transactions. Our team comprises trust law specialists who support all parts of the legal practice in developing innovative trusts. We also provide specialist advice where trustees enter into commercial and financial transactions, including private company sales, borrowing under loan facilities and derivative transactions. By combining this expertise with the expertise of the wider practice, we ensure that trust experience developed in one area of practice can be adapted for the benefit of our clients in many other areas as indicated below.

Family, Succession, Trust & Estate
Family, Succession, Trust & Estate practice helps individuals and families including same-sex couples to prepare for the natural stages of life and for occasions that could potentially threaten the security and longevity of their assets. We help clients prepare for short- and long-term goals by counselling and assisting with needs such as: Retirement planning; Funding plans for family members’ formative years and education ;Wills and custom-designed trust agreements; Wealth transfer, succession and tax planning; Business management/ownership succession plans; Asset allocation and protection; Life insurance planning. We help clients manage trust and estate issues ranging from succession planning to guiding executors and trustees through the probate and administration process to establishing non-profit and family foundations. Our Trusts and Estates attorneys are recognized leaders in their field. Our trust and estate practitioners advise trustees on proper actions and provide income tax planning for trusts and their beneficiaries. This work includes modifying and reforming trusts as laws and circumstances change.
The Firm provides counsel in matters of succession law, such as the correct transfer of estates of decedents with assets in Italy as well as in other foreign countries. Where a person dies owning property (land or buildings) it may be necessary to collect documentation, organize certified translations of documents, appoint a local notary and to follow special procedures to ensure that the property is transferred at the Land Registry in the name of the beneficiaries entitled.